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I would like to ask if it's possible to implement account login or cookie login to tiktok? Pref. the 2nd one. I've seen that in GDrive login.

The reason I ask is that downloading hits a snag, probably I'm on a shared IP, but also happens on VPN's, in that after I download 10-20 videos, I get a host problem? status. I mainly identified the issue, tiktok asks users to complete a captcha slider. If I enter the link into a chrome profile where I'm not logged in, that's what I'm getting right off, and on every new link I enter it's the same, so I suppose it's a current session verification, not a browser session one. If I do that into a profile where I'm logged in, I'm also getting that, but rarely. Or it might need a captcha implementation (something like filecrypt has) and a session that propagates on every new link attempted to download.

It used to be that I would be able to download 200-300 vids, but my IP is not static and I rarely get a clean one. Happens on other sites with recaptcha as well, rarely do I get a click and go one, mostly it's those with a few steps and some false negatives torce a redo.
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