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Exclamation Multihost FAQ

FAQ for JDownloader 2 Multihoster support

1. What is a Multihoster?
A Multihoster is not like a usual hoster. You can upload and download from standard hosters. Premium users have advantages like: not having to wait for downloads, higher simultaneous connections, usually with resume support. Whereas Multihoster providers generally do not allow to upload of files (although some do). With a premium Multihoster account you can download from the supported hosters list, with all the advantages of the traditional premium account. The biggest benefit being that you only need to pay once instead of paying every single supported host.

2. JDownloader and Multihoster support.
JDownloader 2 supports many Multihoster', see below for details.
JDownloader NIGHTLY supports some Multihoster', but it can no longer be maintained due to the updater inadequacies. It was supported by an extension, which can only be updated with core updates and not standard plugin updates.
JDownloader 0.9.581 supports some Multihoster', but the support is very limited and you're required to convert links via 3rd party applications, or browser extensions, or manually yourself, into Multihoster links, and then add them to JD via clipboard, or flashgot/remoteapi, or linkgrabber's "Add Links" dialog box.

All information in this thread going forward is related to JDownloader 2.

4. Which Multihoster provider is the best?
As always, this question can not be answered in general. There are two different kinds of Multihoster: some limit the offered premium accounts by time like 'buy 1month for host xyz'. Others limit by traffic like 'buy 100GB for host xyz'. Also, the number of supported hosts differs between each Multihoster (beginning at 5 hosts going up to 126).
So please do not ask back which one we would recommend, you have to compare and decide on your own!

5. I bought a Multihoster premium account, how can I use it with JDownloader?
First make sure that you use JDownloader 2, as this provides the latest plugins and support. If JDownloader 2 supports given Multihoster, you will be able to add your account in the settings under 'Account Manager'.

6. Damn, the Multihoster account which I purchased a premium account is not supported by JDownloader 2!
Before posting here, verify whether the Multihoster provider is supported within the list below. If it's not supported but on to-do list, please wait and do not make a request.
If you want it and it's not on the list, please request it in the Suggestions & Wishes forum!

7. Which Multihoster providers are supported by JDownloader 2?
See the list below.

Supported Multihosts
Code: / / / **External links are only visible to Support Staff** || || || ||

Note: Number of supported hosts is an approximation!
Your JD Team

I also want to thank Think3r and pspzockerscene for their help!

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