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Originally Posted by Cyberavater View Post
You are missing my point! Check the image posted by psp
It doesn't have any subfolders ...
please check again the screenshot and take a look at the 'save to' column. yes it does

Originally Posted by Cyberavater View Post
Also, 'package names' (i.e folder name) is required to be exact for certain application/software to work.
No they don't. Package help the managing of your links in JDownloader. You may also make use of them to auto name/set the final download folder but you can also use 'packages in JDownloader' independently from 'download folders'. There is no forced connection between package and folder

Originally Posted by Cyberavater View Post
All are in the 'same folder' in it's 'subfolder'. Which is not how JD2 presents it (it creates "different folders' NOT 'subfolders').
Again, a software won't work if you put it's files on different folders and on the folder's subfolder.
subfoldes are represented in 'save to' column. JDownloader doesn't support nested packages. A package is simply a collection of links that are downloaded to a specific folder.
You can name a package 'Test' and still download to folder 'hello'.
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