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Originally Posted by remi View Post
Thanks for your explanation.

I'm using other download engines (Azureus, FDM, etc.) as well, because jD isn't perfect for all types of downloads and the functional needs that I have. Overall, jD is the best download tool I know.

Some people use their browser for all their downloads. They're happy with that.

It's true that jD is specialised in decrypting links and downloading from hosts like RS, MF, MU and HF.

Where I don't agree with you is that it should be limited to that (very important) niche. Many customers have asked more functionality. When I'm only running jD, I don't start FDM or my browser to download a simple http link. I could have another reason not to use my browser to download a simple http link or jpg image :- the download directory. In jD I can setup multiple download folders.

If you don't want to download simple http links, please disable that function in the Hosts settings page and your issue is solved.

The youtube format setting issue is known and will be changed as soon as there is a volunteer to implement it.
The way I have my system setup is i got my standard download manager which catches all filetypes in the browser.
It stores all the files I have ever downloaded. That general download manager stays in the tray permanently.

When I want to start downloading from hosting sites, I would start jdownloader usually at night for off peak hours.

Why do I do this?
1. It keeps the hosting packages nice and clean for that purpose and all the other download links in the general manager.

2. Jdownloader is a great memory hog. It uses alot of memory, the more packages you got setup to download. So I don't keep jdownload in the tray permanently.

3. I don't need to clear out my old history from the general manager. Cos those files are separate to my hosting packages. Also who wants to keep a large history of frivolous downloads in jdownloader which would clogg up the download packages links.

If you want to make it so jdownloader is also a general download manager as well (which strays from it's primary mission) then go ahead. But you should let us choose if we need it to be or not.

This constant catching off frivolous links is an annoyance and waste time both from the constant prompts of what video format to save as, as well as the need to remove the frivolous links.

Also it's is not easy to stop this, unless we made a thread and u told us to disable http links. Ie it is not clearly pointed out.

Also I think it still catches some links, though I haven't tested it fully yet.

My point/suggest is to make it more user friendly so we got a choice if we want to catch those type of links or not.

That's all I am suggesting to the developers.

BTW can u tell who are the actual devs here? Are u one or just someone that answers the forums?
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