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Thumbs up [Solved] Junrar Issue solved

Originally Posted by Serag4000 View Post
Junrar is out again, "Invalid unrar binary!" (T__T)
After a file was finished, I Got in the Status -In the Download menu- "Opening archive" and Then the next one started !
The next file was only MD5 Checked, and no extraction attempt was made for it.

That Horrible phrase AGAIN

Edit by Jiaz: pls try another folder for jd because program files can cause such problems (windows virtuell folders)
Jiaz: Thanks for your Tip, I noticed that JD was looking at "D:\~\JDownloader 0.5752\" while I was testing "JDownloader 0.5.787".
I unticked Junrar from the "Addon manager", restarted JD, ticked Junrar again. Which somehow made JD recognize the new path for Junrar binaries.
I guess this issue was caused by the fact that I overwrite every old beta with the new one, THEN rename the Folder to match the new beta name. I just like to maintain my settings & such.