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Default Does anyone understand TakeFile's daily limit?

Most hosters, if they reset at 00:00 time ... if you use up your downloading quota, you have fresh bandwidth the following day at 00:00, the same time.

So TakeFile's deal is this: "Account gives you the opportunity to receive daily links to files hosted on our service, based on their relations of 65 gigabytes information in 48 hours."

It sounds like they have some bad English there, so I still don't get it. It sounds like you get 65 GB to download every 48 hours. But that isn't the case. I have a bunch of TF links set up in JD2, but they are not resetting at the same time every other day. Is it 48 hours, PLUS the amount of time it took to download? Like ... 48 hours after my last download completes? So if my downloads took ten hours to complete, then I'm getting a reset of my quote every 58 hours? Even that doesn't seem to be when my quota is resetting, as I'm watching it quite closely.

Has anyone been able to make sense of this?

I've contacted TF twice, but they are not able to write a clear sentence explaining this.
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