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I was having account missing errors despite having a Youtube account in JD2 (until the last update, seems to be fixed now). During that time I reset my google password and made sure the new one was entered into JD2 correctly. But I was still having invalid login for youtube.

I thought maybe I should delete the account from JD2 and re-add it to make it work right. But I could not add the account back to JD2. Something about can't add because of premium account. But... I just have a free account.

Did I screw up somehow? I don't know what's wrong.

Edit: What even is the advantage to linking a Youtube account to JD2 if it's just a regular account? Does it give you faster downloads or something?

One other question. How do you allow Youtube, but ONLY Youtube, to have multiple simultaneous downloads?

I have slow internet. So want only one download per hoster. Except for Youtube, because Youtube (and Youtube alone) doesn't use anywhere near my full speed using only one connection.

I do hope there's a way to do that. If there isn't, it would greatly be appreciated if there could be some way added to set max downloads for Youtube specifically, without affecting any other sites.

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