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Originally Posted by mgpai View Post
How can it work? They are 2 different scripts with 2 different triggers. Also the instructions to create the packagizer rule are not part of the script. They are just instructions to create a packagizer rule.
  • Add the scripts separately, and select the triggers as per instructions in the script.
  • Create the packagizer rule in 'Settings > Packagizer' based on the instruction provided in my earlier post.
OK thanks!!
I got it now - half way.
Everytime I start a download manually (other path than my "delete folder") I get an error message because no files ar in me "delete"folder

Also the *.dlc file gets moved into "added" subfolder - is there a possibility to move if all downloads are finished? --> move als *dlc from subfolder "added" to subfolder "watch"?
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