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Originally Posted by Jiaz View Post
First of all you should NOT use 20*20 downloads = 400 connections. That's too much. Please set meaningful values like 2-8 downloads with 1-4 connections. You're already reaching 3.36Mbyte/s with a single connection and what is you max speed?

You're downloading via multihoster superdown and because of errors, JDownloader auto disables chunks in this case
Thanks for the answer.

I have always used 20 20 on and have never had any problem but I will change those values if they do not harm the download performance. 3.36 MB/s is too little it is only 10% of the speed I always get using (33,34,35 MB/s).

Woudl you please list here what those errors are so that I can contact the multihoster so that they can fix the issues?

I see that you've marked the topic as "User feedback required" - is there anything else you need? Thanks.
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