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Default Not full potential of downloading speed

So I'm not sure how to describe it, but I will try my best.

My device specification maybe could play a role so maybe I will mention it here.
I'm using JDownloader on my Yoga 2 tablet with 2GB RAM, Windows 8.1, 8GB internal memory free, microsd card slot is quite slow(I think usually 5-10MB/s) while copy files etc.

So I've started to download some youtube playlist and channels as an m4a audio and although I usually should have 1-2MB/sec by my LTE sim card inserted in tablet and that the speed I download files with browser, in JDownloader the speed is around 200-800KB for 1-3 seconds at the beginning of downloading and quickly decreasing to ~<50KB

I was thinking that maybe the reason could be my device specs, but it seems
it's happening regardless of settings of how many files are downloading at one time and on how many parts.

When I'm downloading torrents the speed also is normal.

I remember that sometimes I got 50KB when downloading by browser many youtube videos and it was happening when I was downloading many files at the same time(not so many, that the sum of the speed would be the maximum speed).

I was also thinking that maybe it's my mobile net provider?
But then, while I'm having this 50KB in JDownloader, should it be the same in browser(while when I test it, in browser it's full speed)?
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