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As I don't speak some of the languages within this post be patient please;

I am not sure what the real problem is with the RAR5 support at least for the extraction side as for all of the *nix Operating systems the main file used for extractions is a file called unrar and to my knowledge at least it does not reuire a license as the actual rar file (for compression) does.

Most can be downloaded from via the OS used and extracted from the *.tar.gz files and then per the rar.txt files within one can place and configure the unrar file where it needs to be for system wide use.

As I have not used Windows in ages (since NT or so) The winblows shares though are *.exe's though an I have not looked into those to see where the particular unrar file would need to be placed nor what would have to be entered into the winblows registry for it to work system wide. I'm sure it can be done easily enough though with someone else's input.
I also do not use Androids so I have no knowledge there on that if some wish to put such on their Androids.

I guess my questions are, since I have not found within JD2 under Advanced Settings where one could point to such directories also to tell JD where it needs to look for the unrar file if it is installed. Why isn't there such?

If JD also wishes to keep better control also of such as the RAR5 Unrar file for version updates why can't JD simply put the unrar file into the JD folder somewhere and tell the JD app where it is located? Also it could be updated as needed when JD itself updates its files when needed. I am not sure why your really wanting to make it into a java/jason type set of extractors.

As for the actual Rar file that needs a license that becomes another issue of course but JD IMHO doesn't need such to compress anything to my knowledge.

Hope that makes sense.
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