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google copied sun java (now oracle) api frame work as it was a highly known language and it was easier to utilise that than create a 'new' language. This has backfired somewhat as they (Google and Sun now Oracle) have been fighting it out in court for years. That said the main reason the change away from rar was the licence for memory is not conducive to repackage. That and at the time I believe 7zip wasn't supported by rarlab binaries(exe/bin) or library(dlls/etc).

in respects to providing binary path is one thing implementing the support is another. It's not just as simple as giving users the ability to place a path in. For ffmpeg ffprobe there are lots of switches that go with it along with path info etc, and rar for instance is also the same. In the scheme of things it wouldn't be hard thing todo, but I don't think Appwork are interested in doing this at this time. I haven't been following progress of development for the last 9 months or so heavily, but development in JD has slowed, so I'm more saying this for this reason (unlikely).
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