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Can someone explain what this command is doing:

n: [0-9]+:[0-9]+:([0-9][0-9])

It creates a 2 digit number i believe and the author claims it takes the randomness from a websites seconds. But i dont see how it finds the seconds on that side.

I cant use this like it is now because my router (LinkSys E3200) has the rule, that the second digit of every mac-number has to be one of these values: 02468ACE
If i force another value i cant access the router anymore to change it and i dont get internet access.

So i would have to change the var somehow. Maybe take it * 2 so its an even number for sure and somehow making sure its 2 digits only

I dont like the double change approach shown in other thread because it takes double the time.

And im not sure if i should change to JD2 since its new and many complaints seem to be there still.

So i think this solution here would be best if i could adapt it.
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