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That is not our GitHub profile/project, we don't use GitHub. All source is found on svn:// and svn:// (eclipse setup guide:
JD does a fresh login every ~30minutes, this does not constitute a flood. Every other request is done with cached cookie, 99% of all our plugins work in this manner.


Yes Real-Debrid admin disabled the existing API, after sending me private message yesterday saying it will be disabled in 2 days. Wake up in the morning to find it disabled ~4-6 hours later. His choice, it wont "expedite", just creates a pile of grumpy paying customers.

Work arounds for now:
no need to uninstall/reinstall
Just generate the links yourself (can be done with browser extensions) then copy the URLs they are still supported via the Real-Debrid plugin within JDownloader. Keep chunk levels low since there is no feedback which is normally provided by there old API.

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