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Originally Posted by djmakinera View Post
But how fast can turn on or off Regex when searching for different names? No use of advanced settings every time
"Downloadlist Bottombar Button Pressed" + Eventscripter + keyboard shortcut
Keyboard shortcut is very fast!

Originally Posted by Jiaz View Post
You can also use eventscripter and create button to toggle this option.

Script example:
// Filterregex on/off
// Trigger: Downloadlist Bottombar Button Pressed
// EventTriggername: Filterregex

if (name == "Filterregex") {
    var filterregex = callAPI("config", "get", "org.jdownloader.settings.GeneralSettings", null, "filterregex");
    if (filterregex == false) {
        callAPI("config", "set", "org.jdownloader.settings.GeneralSettings", null, "filterregex", true);
    } else {
        callAPI("config", "set", "org.jdownloader.settings.GeneralSettings", null, "filterregex", false);
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