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Originally Posted by Jiaz View Post
@Cyberavater: I can't reproduce any issue. *Adopt folder structure* rule must be BELOW *create subfolder by package name* rule in Settings-Packagizer.
Which it is by default and got the same result as psp (And you missed my point! You (atleast psp) reproduced my issue but for some reason not realizing it as an issue. (Not sure why?)).

Originally Posted by Jiaz View Post
Your example link results in 3 files
1.) root/New Text....txt
2.) root/Y/A/New Text....txt
3.) root/Z/B/New Text...text
It's exactly the same structure as on google drive
All are in the 'same folder' in it's 'subfolder'. Which is not how JD2 presents it (it creates "different folders' NOT 'subfolders').
Again, a software won't work if you put it's files on different folders and on the folder's subfolder.

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