Thread: [Solved in JD2] Request of the PC killsuspend feature
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Default Request of the PC killsuspend feature

Dear Sirs,
it happened so many times to me that after starting the download of a a big file I move to another place and when I return to the PC I disappointingly discover that my PC has inadvertly gone into suspend mode, perhaps after 95-99% dl. Besides being quite annoying itself, you know well there are some hosts which does not have (or does not allow) restart capabilities and this frankly makes me angry. Therefore I would gently ask you to add a simple (temporary) killsuspend checkbox (or develop a suitable plugin) for jd. In the recent time, infact, while I am using jd, I am forced to also open uTorrent (which has some kind of killsuspend feature) just to mantain my PC on.
I am unaware whether such a request has been already posted or even scheduled by the developing boars.
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