Thread: [Solved] JDownloader freezes my PC!
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Unhappy JDownloader freezes my PC!

Hi there

In the last ca. 3 months I've had many problems with JDownloader and most of the updates you make for the app. When downloading something/anything with JDownloader, after a few seconds my PC (Win10) freezes/my mouse wont move. This last for ca. 5-15 seconds and when I can move mouse again, a few seconds after that the problem comes back. This is of course very annoying. I almost can't use my PC...

I have noticed that about every third JDownloader update you make, the problem goes away but then comes back with a new update...

I have a 100 MB download line (I think it's called) and the freezing problem is also there when I just use 50 MB of my download line.

I hope and pray that you can do something about this HUGE problem for me, 'cause I love the app (MANY THANKS!) and want to continue to use it but I can't, not like this...

Please help

A log:

19.08.19 13.22.53 <--> 19.08.19 18.35.45 jdlog://9413286935451/

Thank you!
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