Thread: [Solved] JDownloader freezes my PC!
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Originally Posted by Toxxy View Post
I have NOT removed/uninstalled Bitdefender/Adwcleaner. Don't JDownloader works 100% fine with those apps? I will try and scan for disk errors but I don't think anything is wrong with my disks. Not sure what you mean with : "...use tools to check smart data of the disk". Do you mean I should try and run Chkdsk? On all my disks or just the disk where JDownloader is installed (C drive - on a SSD disk)?
Firewall/AV might interfere with network activity/connections and cause issues like broken/incomplete downloads/connections.
You can check the health of your disk with tools that can read the SMART data of your drive. Just google for it, there are many tools that support it.

Originally Posted by Toxxy View Post
I might get back to you Jiaz - via e-mail - if the problem(s) comes back but fingers crossed that they wont!

Originally Posted by Toxxy View Post
Thank you!
You're welcome! In the end I did not solve your problems but glad to know at least for the moment that they're gone
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