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Originally Posted by Jiaz View Post
Thanks for the feedback! No need to disable the gdrive rule. You can let it enabled and create another rule for all non google links to apply default rules as well (subfolder, folder structure). You can duplicate those rules and add contition downloadURL contains not google

I'm sorry but I'm not able to reproduce the issues with *enable/disable rules and restart required*. Maybe we could do a teamviewer session or you could do some screenshots(changing rules, addlinks dialog...) for each step and send them to There must be something that you do different than me
Ok... no problem... whenever you can...

If I don't disable the gDrive rule, all packages goes to one folder only.... its weird because i never did any changes on jD but default download folder and added sites accounts...

It will be a good idea, so if you can find anything wrong, can figure it out how to fix and then, help others =)

Cheers =)
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