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Originally Posted by pspzockerscene View Post
Works fine here.

Here is a possible workaround which should help you:
1. Create a Google Drive API key:
2. Go to Settings -> Plugins -> -> Enter your API key here
3. Now re-addthat URL to JD - it should work fine now.


Hey @pspzockerscene

no luck... same result.... but it did found more folders this time, but all of them as ""EMPTY OR PRIVATE FOLDER {id}"still...

The steps I did

- created a new API key, according to the website you sent
- added into gDrive plugin
- tried again
- no luck
- removed the account (gdrive account in my Jd)
- added the API key again
- closed Jd (in case if it want to re-read new configuration or something)
- opened it again
- no luck =(

any more steps i should do this time?

Cheers =)
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