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Originally Posted by Simon* View Post
Hi yarando

Native RecapcaV2 is already supported in the version in the App Store, and should work just fine with that website.

I wasn't planning on working on the next update yet, but v1.3.1 isn't too far off completion so I'll probably submit it soon. It will have the following included:

1) Full DLC support. Open DLC files from any other app (email client, Chrome, iCloud drive...) and also download containers with the browser in the app

2) Share extension. From any app on the phone you can 'share' to the MyJD e.g. add to your link grabber without opening the app at all.

3) Click'n'load from the internal web browser (not every website works - I'm still working on this but I'm thinking it could be an issue with how iOS web views work)

4) 3D touch option from the app icon to quickly send to your link grabber

Of course, these updates are entirely dependent on Apple's approval.
Ohhh, Yes.
Found it!
Works very well! Thanks lot!

New functions for your next version sounds good.
Hopefully Apple will approve them.

Thank you for your hint.
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