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The blinking doesn't disturb me, it's how I know a core update happened and I can plan a restart. Usually can't do it right away because as chance would have it the updates always show up when I'm in the middle of a multi-hour, non-resumeable download with no faster mirrors.

So I shouldn't have to restart unless a core update happened? I had an issue yesterday that raztoki fixed with the filejoker plugin. He fixed it, it was set to solved, but I still had the problem until I restarted JD almost 15 hours after the plugin was fixed. No core update happened between my finding the bug and restarting, nor after. Unless I misunderstand what a core update is.

I looked in the plugins folder and the filejoker plugin was updated at 2:48AM 11/21/2016 on my system, overnight and just a few hours after I logged the ticket. The problem was still happening at 1:00 PM, I checked and saw the ticket was set to solved, so I cycled JD at 5:35PM (nearly 15 hours later) to make the problem disappear. Which it did.

That's been my experience with every plugin fix when I've run across a problem- it gets set to Solved, problem still happens until I cycle JD, then it's usually fixed. I have the option for silent updates set to enabled. It's not really a big deal as I have to cycle JD every couple days anyway to flush the memory because it gets unreasonably slow after about 36-48 hours. Right now I just check the board to watch when the tickets get fixed so I can set a stop mark and plan a restart. When a core update happens, at least I get the notification right on the UI.
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