Thread: [Solved] Plugin update notification?
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You mean the memory size listed under the Java version? Right now it shows 1.72GB, but there was a core update I ran less than 30 minutes ago so it's pretty "clean". It'll go up into the 2.5GB range after a few hours- depends on how much moving of links I do, as I throw finished links into different packages and collapse them to keep the list manageable as it's currently at over 229,000 links. I think the problem is with the UI, it eventually goes to 100% CPU (well, 50% since it's maxing one core) any time I have the UI open, and drops significantly when I minimize it. It makes it almost impossible to drag links up/down when scrolling is required, taking almost a second per line. Bubble notify comes up slow and takes forever to close, add links slow down, everything just gets slow, but it takes time for this to happen- usually at LEAST 24 hours before it gets noticeable. Right now it's blazing fast, as it always is after a restart. I was told it could actually be a video driver issue more than a memory issue, but clearing the memory does solve it.
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