Thread: [Solved] Plugin update notification?
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It says:

1.42GB/1.53GB/1.72GB at 2030 Task Manager 1.88GB
886MB/1.36GB/1.72GB at 2105 Task Manager: 1.96GB
1.26GB/1.78GB/1.78GB at 2203 Task Manager: 2.09 GB

It gets slow when the memory use in Task manager reaches around 2.5GB. I know it got really bad about 9 months ago, so I changed the memory in the computer from 4 to 8GB, but that's the max the system will take.

CPU usage does drop dramatically switching to Linkgrabber or Settings tabs- JD uses about 15-20% CPU right now in the Downloads tab, 5-8% in the Linkgrabber or Settings tab. Goes right back up when going back to the downloads tab. But that's actually still usable. Not sure what it does when the system gets really slow.

There's something that grows over time, since cycling JD itself makes it responsive- no other changes to the list. Something gets cleaned up on cycle.
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