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Default [FAQ] Updates

1. How do I get updates?
No matter whether something is fixed or there is a new feature available, all changes will get released via update system.

2. Update behaviour JDownloader 2

Plugin updates generally become available within 0-5 minutes after the programmer commits work to, updates are then downloaded, installed silently with no user notification and are available to use without client restart!

Updates to non plugin components require a Core update, this is controlled by AppWork (company behind JDownloader). When Core update is released, default behaviour is for the client to pre-download, and indicate via flashing update button that an update is available to install. If you don't use any of these notifications, update will install on exit/close of application. Client restart is required for core components to become available.

3. Okay but I waited several days or more and there are no updates, why??
We call this a "build block".
Why does this happen? Unreleased Core components are required within Plugins, and creates this 'build block'.
Core updates can at times take many days to weeks to be released publicly, due to development schedule and testing.
We do not provide ETA for Core updates to be released, you will need to wait!

Repeatedly pressing the update button will NOT magically make the update become available!
Nor will uninstalling/reinstalling program!


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