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If many activities in the browser (of course even human activity!) - results in blocking, and CAPCHA should be resolved.
No IP change required.

But if you try to download even one file, CAPTCHA shows up and you can solve infinity and it will still be blocked.

I noticed that even if I do not download any files, from time to time it blocks logging in to JD2.

In the browser, you can be logged in all the time, but it does not block the login (even if you are logged in for a long time)

It seems that JD2 exerts her suspicious activity even without activity and blocks the account (during inactivity/idle!)

Setting -> Account Manager -> Account disabled: CAPTCHA Required
Fake CAPTCHA -> You will never log in to JD2.
You must redirect to the real CAPTCHA required to unlock the account or change the IP.
JD2 redirects to a fake CAPTCHA which has nothing to do with the website

Please fix.
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