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Default An Error Occurred (December 2020)

Hey fellow JDownloaders,

I've been using this program to download thousands of photos grouped in folders from dropbox for about 10 months since the start of COVID. With absolutely no issue the program has been working without complaints. however in the last couple of weeks i've started to get incomplete downloads of folders with the error message being An Error Occurred (

I have reinstalled the software, done hard reboots, Force start download, have tried different directory paths, restart my router, my internet is as good as its ever been and continue to have the same issue. I'm not entirely sure if its something i'm doing wrong or not (seeing as i havn't changed the way i've used it for 10 months it seems odd that it only now has started having this issue.)

here is a log of the last attempt

21.12.20 12.33.29 <--> 21.12.20 12.31.38 jdlog://2765525302851/

Any Help on the matter would be greatly appreciated.
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