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Originally Posted by pspzockerscene View Post
Also you can't see links to files inserted via decrypt-plugin (e.g.linkbase).
This is no bug and we don't wanna tease you with that, this is security.
DLC containers are there to protect the links against abuses.
Also we have decrypters so JD decrypts links from other pages but JD is fair and crypts them again so the protection is still there.

I hope this post is understandable.

Actually JD does NOT have an plugin.
If you want to request it, pls open a new thread in the Suggestions and Wishes forum!

GreeT pspzockerscene
Hi, first of all I meant (sorry) and I am looking at the settings tab right now and found it in the list. (The list isn't ordered A-Z by the way and there is no feature to do so.)
By decrypters, I don't believe you are referring to the items listed in "Linkgrabber" that got there via Clipboard monitoring?
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