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@ JesterEE,

It is's policy not to try to break reCaptcha

However, your idea is certainly one to try if we were going to try to break reCaptcha.

The SN ratio is quite good. They only use digits. There are 8 digits and apparently 8 voices (possibly always in the same order). The time between digits seems random. I don't think that signal processing is necessary. Just the standard approaches used now for images of numbers on a noisy background.

There is a real question of whether we would want to do it. I think Google left it this simple, because nobody was trying to break the audio Captcha. They could easily change to an audio Captcha that is 10 times harder to break and it would not be much trouble for them to make it 100 times harder to break.

The JD policy is that reCaptcha is too important to the on-line community to break it. We are already feeling the impact of the Chinese-Monkey approach that some people use (for a fee) to break into sites and spam them..