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Originally Posted by drbits View Post
@ JesterEE,

It is's policy not to try to break reCaptcha

However, your idea is certainly one to try if we were going to try to break reCaptcha.
The JD policy is that reCaptcha is too important to the on-line community to break it.
Agreed on all accounts ... apologies as I thought that the numeric audio code was outside of the reCaptcha scheme.

But, while here, I will give my $0.02.
reCaptcha is a great idea and while I think its admorable for the dev team to leave it intact, I believe that it won't matter one way or another. History repeats itself, and current follows the path of least resistence. Meaning, if the mob (all of us) can't access one medium (say because reCaptcha proves too strong), they will switch to another medium. The provider of that medium will either accept their new role as top dog and appease the masses, tank, or switch to a similar mechanism and the mob will again, move to another. When there are no options left to switch to, someone will eventually throw up their arms and undo what this project is trying to keep intact. So really, the Jdownloader stance on not breaking reCaptha is only buying the cipher more time out in the open. It will eventually, and inevitably, fall. Companies like the Big G understand this fact, and I am certain, behind their respective steel curtains they are already cooking something else up to take it's place when it does. It's a vicious cycle.

Ok, flame on!