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@ remi,

As I told you privately, that discussion was deleted because it included insulting other members.
After some investigation, here are my 2 deleted posts. Everybody can then analyse them for the presence of insults, because I don't see any.

How many times do I need to repeat this? reCaptcha and other blocking/annoying things are made to stop non-criminal people. Gogol collaborates with the powerful elites of this planet and blocks/annoys people who can't afford to pay.
If you mean my first sentence, then I see this type of remarks on a daily basis, maybe in other words or set in bigger size characters. They mostly refer to the (re)Captcha or the board rules threads.

I'm sorry for you if you don't understand the scheme.
I felt sorry for member Tyop. Is feeling sorry for someone considered an insult in your country? I think this is very subjective. Please, also note the presence of . This means that it was a joke.

As long as people don't threaten each other, I would be very careful with this type of censorship because there are many differences between cultures and people. Also types of humour differ tremendously. Since this board is read by people from all over the world you need to be careful in trying to impose your own rules of conduct.

What your government calls "peace-keeping" is considered as occupation, torture, deportation, illegal imprisonment, robbery of resources, slavery and war crimes by those families who lost some or all of their children or parents.

Here's what the jurisprudence of U.S. constitutional law says about insults :-

speech containing literary, artistic, political, or scientific significance cannot be suppressed, even if wantonly and maliciously insulting, demeaning, or even inciting of racial, ethnic, religious or sexual hatred; there is no "right to be unoffended" in the United States.
If you want to chase independently thinking people, i.e., people who don't think like you, from this forum, your role is perfect. I'm free and I can go elsewhere, but I hope you and others won't regret it.