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good to see this brought to light again for both old and new.

If I may offer another suggestion which is used on another board I go to often, is to make this and other such important reminders, to make them as stickies that will always show up at the top of each forum and on the top of each Language forum. I believe this would be known in most board software as a Global Sticky. This should help as reminders to all when they are trying to remember what goes where and what to read for such as mentioned by drbits.

I do also agree with remi to use whenever possible such as [when you use rules like "situation -> skip to/read this"] to shorten things up for readability.

Most users will not read a long post even when it comes to rules as they often think most rules from board to board are the same. some are yes but many have specific rules that tend to get missed due to too much to read etc.

Over all though as said it is good to see you bring this up to the surface for review and reminders to all
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