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browser loop != browser solver.
browser loop used for recaptchav1 (when account isn't provided)
browser solver is used for recaptchav2 (when account isn't provided and|or phantomJS isn't needed)

When you use recaptcha google account for recaptchav1 we use our old implementation for recaptchav1 this is very bad in my opinion as it degrades quickly, you're better off with browser loop. You can set it up to use in standalone window vs the one you normally use (I use chrome in appmode, opens in single window/tab, does its thing, and auto closes).

Bias is based on loads you generate and also loads on the api key has at the time, these are tracked and determined by google. The cookies (in which the account provides) has very little influence in my opinion. Since google is in control, we have very little ability to change this bias. We are doing what we can already, I don't see how it can be improved at this time.

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