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Originally Posted by Jiaz View Post
"unlimited" often just means "fair use" Because a normal user will use use the platform *normal* way while someone with tool could easily download all of them and stop subscription after just 1-2 days because downloaded everything he wants. They don't want you to crawl/download everything and then no longer need the subscription

Yes, they allow about 100-200 document downloads per day from what i see, for the subscription customers like me.

Originally Posted by pspzockerscene View Post
Thanks for the details.

You might be able to download a lot more by e.g. limiting the number of **External links are only visible to Support Staff**... to 1 though if their "algorithm" simply counts the total downloads per day and you exceed this limit you'll run into the problem anyways.
I wonder if there are less limits for their premium customers.

I am talking about the new account i made, which is subscription (payed, premium).

One question, i am kind of afraid to download with the subscription with JD2. They replied that they "don't like" download managers. When i tried it in the free account, the account was completely locked as i explained in previous posts and still is till now, and they did not reply to my messages.

Now with the new subscription account, i don't know if i should try it, with one download (number of connections) only allowed. My question is, does know if me downloading from my IP address and my account occurs normally through their website, or through JD2 (which could possibly mean negative repercussions for my account)? Do they just see my IP downloading a file and they don't have a way to know if I am using JD2? Thanks.
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