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Originally Posted by leotzian View Post
... I had found the below 2 scripts in post #469 but I don't know how to use them, do I need the sentmail app or else, I you know to help me more, I must use both?
I think you have to configure 'sendmail' in synolgy. I am not sure though.

As far as the scripts are concerned, one will send an email when download is finished and other one when extraction is finished. You can use either or both.

To use the script you need to install/enable eventscripter extension in JD. Install and test the scripts in a JD install with GUI and then copy the contents or the file "org.jdownloader.extensions.eventscripter.EventScripterExtension.scripts.json' to the headless install. The JSON file will be located in the 'cfg' folder.
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