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Does it necessarily have to wait for a successfully completed download to trigger the "skip/unskip" sequence? I mean, in the case there aren't no new downloads to start but they all were already put into a "skipped" condition, couldn't it just wait a few seconds, and then retry over those?
As I have alread stated before, some downloads can be started only after the wait time is over. If you want the download to start immediately you have to reset them, instead of resuming them. Simply retrying/resuming them every few seconds will not help in any way.

Something weird happened with the last downloads' batch I left, since despite there was still a pending download, the system was put to sleep:
If the download could not be retried/resumed, it will be remain skipped in order to allow the extension to shut down. That is the purpose of this script.

Could the script "skipping" action be triggered not right after after it detects a problem was found with one of the connections, but
just after its third time doing that? So, that way it lets JD2 retry by itself at least three times, thus avoiding skipping right away downloads which
can be resumed correctly after a few attempts. Or maybe, triggering the "skipping" condition only "1" minute after a determined download was put into
a "waiting" or a "stopped" state.
The script does not 'decide' when to skip the download. It is skipped only after the download has stopped. Even if it was not skipped, it will not be retried immediately. It will only be retried by JD after the waittime is over.

The script I have provided does not limit the number of retries, so I don't see any benefit with the system you have suggested. You can always modify the existing script or create a new one to come up with a solution which is acceptable to you. All available methods are listed in the Help menu.

As I told you before in private, I played a little bit with less connections/chunks, but doing it that way would suppose wasting available bandwidth
and, consequently, more time.
In my opinion, 320 (16 *20) connections will rarely, if ever, be required to saturate the bandwidth.

The best solution to this problem is to prevent connection issues, either by using less total connections or using the 'automax' advanced setting option, to start new downloads till the bandwidth is saturated.
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