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As I have alread stated before, some downloads can be started only after the wait time is over. If you want the download to start immediately you have to reset them, instead of resuming them. Simply retrying/resuming them every few seconds will not help in any way.
Yes I know, but since the script omits the error messages with a timer on them, I was wondering whether the downloads could be retried immediately or not; or even be reset if a given amount of retries attempts failed.

If the download could not be retried/resumed, it will be remain skipped in order to allow the extension to shut down. That is the purpose of this script.
I didn't know that, and although I don't know how many retries it would take, it makes sense it behaves like that so the system doesn0t keep idling (which is the main issue I'm trying to avoid).

The script does not 'decide' when to skip the download. It is skipped only after the download has stopped. Even if it was not skipped, it will not be retried immediately. It will only be retried by JD after the waittime is over.

The script I have provided does not limit the number of retries, so I don't see any benefit with the system you have suggested. You can always modify the existing script or create a new one to come up with a solution which is acceptable to you. All available methods are listed in the Help menu.
All the skipped downloads I saw so far were started right after another currently active download was successfully completed. And before using the script, I usually saw how JD2 did a few retries attempts for problematic downloads; some of them were carried successfully after that, and others were given the message with a timer on it (5'/15'/30').

Anyway, since my original intention was and still is to avoid the system keeps idling just because every now and then one or two files get a looping timer, I think the current script although not perfect, aids in that sense. An ideal one would simply limit to do what I manually do whenever I find a download in such a state, but I know of the message's related limitation.

Regarding the connection performance, I know it is a high amount of connections, but after doing some tests, I noted that if I use a smaller amount, the bandwidth will certainly not be maximized in a constant way, till all downloads are completed.

Anyway, I will try that "automax" feature you mentioned.

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