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Originally Posted by Heinz View Post
... Im trying to check to which proxy a download is connected and if a condition is met, to disable/enable that proxy.

Additionally changing the proxys priority would also be helpful ...
There are no methods which return connection details of a download. There are also no methods or any setting which can be used to assign prioirty to proxies

It is possible to enable/disable/remove the proxy using the 'config' namespace of MYJD API. You can create a event based or interval based script, which can test the proxies in the list and enable/disable/remove them from the it.

There is also a method in eventscripter API, which returns 'banned' proxies, which might be of help to identify problematic proxies. Connections details are also logged in some files which can be found in 'JD\logs' folder, but parsing them might not be very convenient or practical.

By default JD uses the connections in the order they appear in the list. An alternative to priority might be to arrange them in the order of your preference.

You can set/change the proxy selection mode in "GeneralSettings.freeproxybalancemode" (Advanced Setting).
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