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I have a similar problem.

I use JDownloader for about 3 days now and absolutely love that it works for literally anything However, the first day everything worked fine, I tried youtube, soundcould and Grooveshark. Throughout a 150 mb download from a grooveshark playlist, it stopped working. The download couldn't be continued, however this is only regarding grooveshark. Youtube and soundcloud work without a problem. This is what happens:
1. I insert the URL and on the bottom shows up: "1 module running" and " /"
2. Now the files should show up in the Linkgrapper, but literally nothing happens. It does however work for other blogs, youtube or soundcloud. So grooveshark is my only problem.

I have already reinstalled the programm twice, updated java and like you posted here already, the decrypter seems fine. Nothing worked for me, hope you guys can help me.

For future replies, I am not a pro in JDownloader much

Thanks in advance