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java 32 or 64bit

it seems that every 64bit windows has some problems with java, because users that have mem problems always have 64bit os too
I've got a memory problem and using a 32bit os.

I'm running my PC in 24/7 and after (roundabout) 20 h running JD my free memory is at 2 to 5% and the PC is unusable

Closing JDownloader doesn't free up any RAM, only a reboot helps.

In the taskmanager I can't see JDownloader, neither as a task nor as a process (Admin account with UOP on)

I didn't had any mem probs with the old version of JD and I don't have any mem probs without JD running

My Specs: Vista SP2, Java 6 Upd. 14, 2 GB RAM, JD 0.6.193: 2 Downloads, 2 Chunks, 3 MBit DSL Connection
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