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You probably won't see JDownloader in your task manager. jD hides as a javaw.exe in jD versions 0.5 and higher.
javaw.exe is shown in the taskmanager with a memory usage of 65.000 Kbytes. All running tasks shown in the task manager consume not more than 750 MByte RAM but according to a tiny little sidebar widget almost all of the 2GB RAM is allocated and the system is unusable but only when JD is running. Something not shown in taskmanager allocates more and more RAM

Originally Posted by remi View Post
Can you please be more precise about the older version that hadn't this problem?
The last two or three releases of the 0.5 version, but these versions were used with Vista SP1 (my old installation but with all updates and hotfixes), version 0.6 is installed on Vista SP2.
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