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maybe you need to reintall JD2 and Java, It was the only option that works for Kuzutetsu.

To take a backup of your download list copy all
of the folder cfg and copy the files, they are in the same folder (cfg).

But before to unistall JD and Java, try the solution of Josemsar (read the post #60, of this thread)
Josemsar's file worked at getting Jdownloader2 opened and running, thanks.

i copied the and files from my backup folder to my cfg folder but none of them appear to be loading with jd2. is there a cache i need to delete in order for jd2 to pick up the .zip files again and repopulate?

edit: i also made another complete copy of my jd2 backup folder and tried the fix again in that folder; this time running jd2.exe. jd2 opens fine again but nothing on the download/linkgrabber lists. thanks again for the help.

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