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First I'd like to say that JD is quite useful.

Second I can summarize the following discussion:

from my point of view in one sentence: It seems like JD's captcha breaker *NEVER* succeeded in breaking any captcha, for example for sites such as hotlink, fileserver , or filesonic. It seems quite surprising considering this impressive link:

and the boasting from the machine learning community that today's captcha is virtually broken.

So first I would appreciate if someone would recap what exactly am I missing or what the problem is?

Second I'd like to offer a simple way to train a neural network (or something similar) to break such stuff. I think JD should send any successful captcha image and text that was entered by a user to a server, which in turn would save it in a training database. Having such a large DB to learn from, surely the chances of breaking a captch would be higher.

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