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Default Java 1.7 Advisory


Please be advised that ORACLE has replaced Java 1.6 with Java 1.7 as stable release and auto update procedures will start to migrate the user base over time to JAVA 1.7.

Java 1.6 support has been stopped at the end of February 2013 (although two updates have been released in March), please use this version at your own risk. You can mitigate some of the most common exploit risk by defining within Java global settings

'Security' tab, to 'HIGH' or 'Very High' or simply disable 'Enable Java content in the browser'.
More information can be found here _

JDownloader following versions are not 100% compliant with Java 1.7.

current stable: last09 v0.9.581
current nightly(beta): NIGHTLY

JDownloader v2 is Java 1.7 compliant.

Previous releases of JDownloader may work, but it also may not.

Connection Issues.

This can because of many different reasons, but the most common cause is protection software (antivirus, firewall, malware) and existing exemption rules are no longer valid after the Java upgrade. Protection software needs new exemptions, as the old exemptions can be path based. When a new path exists old rules are no longer applicable. For example:
Java 1.6 installed to \program files\java\jre6\ and
Java 1.7 installed to \program files\java\jre7\
Please check your exemption rules. If you're unsure delete your old exemption rules and recreate them!

Reverting to Java 1.6

If your having troubles with Java 1.7 and you would like to revert to Java 1.6 you can by the following method.

Recommended steps
1) Uninstall Java 7.

2) Run javara. This makes sure all previous installs of Java been completely removed.
link: _**External links are only visible to Support Staff**

3) Grab java 1.6.0_x (current 1.6 release) offline or online installer from Java/Oracle Technet
link: _ select 'Java SE 6 Update x' (x = latest version) && run

4) Disable auto update procedure, to prevent any automatic updates. Please note: You will need to be in charge of updating java yourself manually.
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