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Originally Posted by confused View Post
Hey smoky151, the newish streaming format started on June 14.

I know because I'm the threadstater. Downloading from VEVO is a daily affair for me.
Thanks for the reply, now that I have a solid answer, I can definitely say that my issue is unrelated to the vevo restrictions as I first noticed this issue a year or two ago, back even before JD2 was in existence. I also noticed it happening on videos from REGULAR users, this was a while back where youtube used the old channel formats and everybody had a standard layout.

I don't really understand why my thread was chucked in here but oh well. ? Its also odd that my JD2 got contaminated with the vevo restriction update as I run it from a virtual machine so the application never quits and auto-updates are disabled. To date that session of JD has been running since last year lol.

R.I.P jdownloader - you were good while it worked, thanks for the memories.

For anyone else struggling with my issue / vevo links, get a chrome extension youtube downader, I posted a url to it a few posts above in a reply to william.
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