Thread: [Declined] Please switch GUI to match JD1
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Originally Posted by cakezero View Post
No disrespect intended to those devs working on this free software but the GUI on JD2 sucks. ...
I am with you CakeZero ... JD2 almost feels like Windows Crap ... every upgrade gets worse ...

BTW, the reason I chose to go with JD over IDM was the fact I found IDM Too Intrusive and Hard to Manuver also ...

I don't know which one is JD1 ... but I like JD 0.9.581 version ... You have More Control ...

1) I like to Manually Add my Links to the "LinkGrabber" page ... then from there I choose which one to Push to "Download" page ...

2) Also what I like about that GUI ... I can SEE and Choose How Many Max DLs I like to Allow ... If I am on Slow Connection ... choose 1 ... if I am at friends home with Faster DL Speeds ... then I choose 2-3 DLs ...

So, on and on the Old GUI is the Winner Hands Down!


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