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Default Single Letter Domain Name Issue

As you stated in your reply, "single letter name + tld (or longer, it doesn't matter)"

With all due regards I would like to state that I checked under Add New Links, for all long domain names (I mean which are longer than the ones in my examples), the Continue button for starting the download on the "Analyze and Add Links" window does get enabled without any issue. After your reply, I tried but could not find any exception where the inputted domain name is longer and the button does not get enabled.

It is only for short domain names, like in my examples or or, the Continue button does not get enabled and thus the user cannot add such link.

Here I would like to further add that I have been using JDownloader for last 1 year (for personal as well as academic research use) and find this software quite useful. It is only that I observed this small issue and thought of reporting in this forum. I also appreciate prompt responses of the JDownloader team to my posts.
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