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Post Spankbang plugin improve and suggestion for linkgrabber

Hi, I've noticed recently that if I copy more than 10 up to 15 links at same time(when selecting all the videos on 1 profile page by example, which have a maximum of 40 videos), JDownloader starts to check all the links, I don't know if it tries to check their status at same time or one by one, but when are more than 10-15 links, JD starts to say "".

So, I changed from selectin 40 videos at same time, to give right click, copy link to clipboard with 1-2 seconds difference, and all the links were able to be confirmed online.

In fact, I think this is caused by a config on the site to prevent work overloads, if I try to open 15 videos en Chrome, Edge, Opera or any other browser in shorts periods of time, the site becomes to show me a "503 Service Temporarily Unavailable" if I wait 1 minute or less, eventually will let me access any link or video again.

So, the suggestion is, to put like a timer before checks on files, like 1 or 2 seconds between links until they are confirmed, that way the site won't block the filegrabber tasks, and so on, wont mark as "Plugin defect"

I think, could be good to have the timer setting modifiable by user on plugin setup, to select which amount of seconds to use, or disable it too.

If there is needed any information, I will be glad to share it and help to improve that amazing plugin.
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