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Thanks Jiaz for the quick answer, in fact I had tried unchecking the box "fast linkcheck" before post this suggestion here, I forgot to mention it. In fact after uncheck that box, its when I can grab links using the 1 by 1 method with manual/irregular timing of 1 up to 5 seconds between links.

I have also setup a linkgrabber filter for any unnecesary file like JPG, JS, JPEG, PNG and a specific **External links are only visible to Support Staff****External links are only visible to Support Staff** domain items like the previews (which most of them has a weight no more than 1024Kb).

But, I will be waiting paciently if you decide to add the suggested function.
For now, I will try a bandwidth limiter to specifcly limit JDownloader when grabbing any link from spankbang, to see if it produces a higher artificial latency, and of corse, a slower link checking tasks.

Thanks again for the response!
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